General Information

Architectural Review Procedures


Cypress Lake Residents:

The purpose of the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) is to make determinations and render approvals to Cypress Lake residents on the basis of plans and requests they submit. Please read Section 10.03 of the covenants to understand what must be submitted to the ARC to have a project approved. Approval by the ARC is necessary to obtain City Permits to construct exterior additions, install or replace fencing as well as roof replacements. Approvals are also necessary if paint colors are to be changed or exterior lighting is to be added. All demolition of properties must also be approval.

See Article 10 Section 10.03 through Section 10.05 of Cypress Lake Covenants for additional information. Projects submitted must be completed within 6 months. Please do not submit projects just to find out if they will be approved. Proper construction plans need to be submitted with any construction project requiring a city permit with exception of roofing and fencing where a line drawing with boundaries or a simple description may suffice.

ELECTRONIC FORMS to submit electronically:

PRINT FORMS to manually submit:


Any person or entity submitting Plans shall be responsible for payment of reasonable charges established by the ARC for review of plans, amendments, modifications or changes to plans.

Completed PRINTED forms should be mailed to Orkin Property Management  at the address below or scanned and emailed to John Smith:


Orkin Property Management
Attn:  Grant Stamps
P.O. Box 14001
Jackson, MS  39236-4001

Common Violations


Common Noted Covenant Violations

  • Lawn Care (includes edging, weeding, grass cuttings in street)– Owner is obligated to maintain all grass and landscaped areas on lot, including area of the street and right-of-way abutting lot in clean condition. (Section 12.06)
  • Mailboxes and Posts–Specific mailboxes and posts are established for Cypress Lake.  Mailboxes and posts must comply with approved plans prior to placement.  Damaged mailboxes and posts must be replaced. (Covered in specific area covenants – sections vary)
  • Storage Buildings– No storage building shall be placed on property without approval.  (Section 12.05)
  • Boats,Trailers, Campers, ATV’s, Commercial Vehicles in Driveways– No playhouse, trailer, camper, mobile home, tractor, truck, commercial vehicle of any kind, boat, motorcycle, barn, storage building shall be placed on property without approval.  (Section 12.05)
  • Open Garage Doors– When not in use, all garage doors shall be kept closed.  (Section 12.05)
  • Ornamental Decorations on Fence (River Walk)– No ornaments of any kind shall be placed on the exterior without approval.  (Section 12.08)
  • Outside Storage–Bricks, lumber, etc., is prohibited. (Section 12.05)
  • Exterior Changes and Additions– No exterior addition, change or alteration of color shall be commenced without prior approval.  (Section 10.03)
  • Chain Link Fences– No chain link fences (includes chain link fences for pet enclosures) are permitted anywhere within the property.  (Section 12.03)
  • Satellite Antennas– Placement of all exterior satellite dishes must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to installation.  (Section 12.07)
  • Air Conditioning Window Units– No projections of any type allowed (Section 12.03)
  • Air Conditioning Units Exposed to View from Street– Air conditioning units shall be screened from view.  (Section 12.03)

Garage Sale Guidelines


Our annual Cypress Lake Garage Sale Day is scheduled for the first Saturday in May.

Leading up to our neighborhood-wide garage sale day, the Cypress Lake Homeowners Association will advertise the event with a date and times in local publications.

To further make this annual day a success: Spread the news to co-workers, friends and family. And posting the news to any of your social media pages always creates instant interest.

Placing of “freestanding” signs to direct buyers to your home is encouraged and permitted beginning Friday night before the Saturday sale day.

But, please remember to not tape any signs or posters to public traffic signs, street signs or light poles. “Freestanding” signage means placing signs into the ground and not on public poles.

We all want our neighborhood to look well maintained when visitors come calling. Who knows a yard-sale visitor just might decide to purchase a home in our neighborhood. Let’s give them our best look on yard-sale day!

One final request, don’t forget to dispose of all your advertising signage by the end of the day. Happy Selling!

Items to omit from Toilets and Drains

Lake Usage Guidelines


Lake Guidelines:

These guidelines are intended to develop/maintain a healthy fish population and enhance the enjoyment of our lakes for all our residents.

  1. Only residents of Cypress Lake and their guests are allowed to fish in the lakes.
  2. All guests must be accompanied by a resident while fishing and must abide by these rules.
  3. A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 12 years old at all times.
  4. No Diving in the lakes; No Horseplay while on the lakes.
  5. No petroleum powered motor craft of any kind is allowed in the lakes.  Electric trolling motors are allowed.  Radio-controlled water crafts are allowed as long as they don’t interfere with wildlife or other water vehicles in the area.
  6. Please clean up all trash when leaving the lakes – this includes all fishing line, hooks, bait, poles, snacks, drinks, etc.
  7. Owners should be conservative in their removal of “keeper” size bass, bream and crappie from the lake and remove only the minimum number which the fisherman intends to consume.
  8. All Catfish caught should be harvested.
  9. All homeowners are responsible and highly encouraged to enforce these fishing rules and ensure they are understood by family members and guest.
  10. These guidelines may change from time to time as conditions change and lake management recommendations are further refined.

Cypress Lake Contacts:

Orkin Property Management: 601.957.3001

Madison Police Dept: 601.856.6111

Leasing Rules and Regulations


Cypress Lake Residents:

The purpose of the Cypress Lake Rules and Regulation for Leasing of Houses/Property is to protect the property values and preserve the appearance of homes in Cypress Lake. Cypress Lake will require every homeowner and home occupant to adhere to CL neighborhood rules and regulations, particularly those dealing with the appearance of property.

LOGIN to print a copy or contact Orkin Property Manager to request a copy of the Leasing Regulation which includes forms to be submitted by lessors/lessees to Cypress Lake’s Property Manager.

NOTE: A current and valid Rental License issued by the City of Madison is required before applying.

Completed PRINTED forms should be mailed to Orkin Property Management at the address below or scanned and emailed to and

Orkin Property Management, LLC.
Attn: Grant Stamps
P.O. Box 14001
Jackson, MS 39236-4001
(601) 957-3001

Lost and Found Pets


We have found that using Facebook and Cypress Lake email is the most successful way to find a lost pet.  Social media will reach several hundred people immediately.  Please see the information below:

1. Finding lost pets using our Facebook page is quick, so please post all lost and found pets.  If you don’t have Facebook, please email a picture to anyone you know on our Facebook page or email a picture to

2. Emails can be sent out to all registered Cypress Lake residents, so please email a picture and description to:

Webster Animal Shelter: (601) 605-4729, 525 Post Oak Road, Madison MS  39110

ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE – CITY OF MADISON – Every resident should put the Police/Animal Control phone number in their phone – 601-856-6111.  Any time you see a dog or other animal out of their yard, in the street or threatening you in any way, you should call this number and report it.  An officer will respond!!

Click here to view the Police Department’s Animal Control web page.  At the top there are links to Lost Pets, Current Animal Violation Fees and Assessments, and the Animal Control Ordinance.  Click on each one to read the law and consequences.

The city has leash laws – all animals must stay within their property boundaries or on a leash if out of their property.  If a dog is outside its property boundary, you may call to report it and the police/animal control officer will come and pick the dog up if it is still outside its property boundary when they arrive.  If a dog is continuously barking, they will come and knock on the door and ask the owner to quiet the dog.

Mailbox Information

Mailbox Replacement or Repair


Please use the following guidelines for your mailbox:

  • New or updated (copper coat) mailbox no older than 10 years old
  • Mailbox post freshly painted: Rust-Oleum black gloss spray paint
  • 2” Black Vinyl numbers (#1320002) (see below)
  • Upright and not leaning

Copper Sculptures (Only approved mailbox vendor)

5230 Highway 25, Flowood, MS 39232

To place an order with Copper Sculptures, please call (601) 992-9955.


 New 8″ (copper coat) mailbox replacement


 Installation fee to swap mailbox in the field:


 Individual 2″ Black Vinyl numbers (#1320002): each

 $ 2.00

 Installation fee to replace vinyl numbers:


 New mailbox post and mailbox (includes 2″ black numbers):


 Installation of new post and mailbox:



Joseph Gray – Joseph has completed work in our neighborhood for years. Please email your request now and he will schedule your repair. Include your name, address, phone number and order request.


 Replace 8″ mailbox & repaint post


 includes cost of mailbox and tax
 Individual prices:


 8″ mailbox


 Installation of mailbox


 Repainting post
 Gas Light Repair:  Contact Joseph
Broken scroll (welding):
New scroll work can be ordered and repairs can be completed at your home.  Please email a picture of the damage to Joseph before you order a new post.  The $$ savings will be worth it!


Cypress Lake Homeowner – Paint your own MAILBOX POST only.

Rust-Oleum Black Gloss Spray Paint (Please do not use Rust-Oleum 2x Gloss paint- too shiny)

Report a Pot Hole or Street Light Outage



     Click here to report all street light problems to Entergy.  This includes light staying on during the day.

Madison Public Works:

     Click here to report the following to the City of Madison, Public Works Department. 601.856.8958

     Also report: Sewer, Signs, Limb Pickup, Tree Cutting and Potholes.

Social Media



Facebook (private page for current Cypress Lake residents only)
Click Here to request a link for joining our Cypress Lake, resident only, Facebook page. To ensure the privacy settings of this Facebook page, all requests will be verified against our current homeowner database.

Instagram (public account)

Twitter (public account)

Trash & Recycle Schedule

Cypress Lake Trash & Recycling Schedule

Trash Pickup: Waste Management – 601-922-9647
Chipper Truck: City of Madison – 601-856-8958



Garbage………………Monday & Thursday
Yard Waste…………….Thursday



City Website for details on collectible items:

If a homeowner performs yard work and is unable to properly prepare their yard waste for pick up by the waste management contractor, the City of Madison provides one chipper truck and one knuckle boom truck to assist. For limb pick up only, the city is divided into two (2) Areas (East and West) with I-55 dividing the city. The chipper truck and knuckle boom truck will spend one (1) week in each area, alternating from the east to the west. To assist in picking up your debris, please contact Madison Public Works at (601) 856-8958 where a reference list will be compiled.

Accepted Recycle items:
Cardboard, magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, newspaper, paper cartons, dairy & juice containers, junk mail, phone books, plastic bottles & containers, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, pie tins, and tin or steel cans. At this time glass and glass products are not picked up to be recycled.


Where can I pick up a recycle bin?
At the Public Service Complex located at 1239 Highway 51, in the Public Works Department of Madison the City.



Holidays – If one of your collection days falls on one of these holidays, your garbage and/or recycle will be collected on your next scheduled collection day

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Voter Registration in Mississippi



If you are already registered to VOTE in MS and have moved or you are new to MS, Please update your address here!!
It’s easy and all done online….